quinta-feira, novembro 30, 2006

Zune, cade você?

Até agora o Zune não conseguiu convencer o mercado de que ele é uma melhor alternativa aos outros MP3 players. De acordo com a matéria da NBC:

"Shoppers are virtually ignoring the Zune. Anemic early sales indicate the Zune could be falling short in the hip factor, Budman reported."They want it to be small. They want it to be sexy," Enderle said.

As the shopping season approaches, the Zune is just not connecting with shoppers, and is in danger of becoming the Edsel of the tech world, Budman reported."At the end of the day, particularly this time of year, putting the sparkle in the recipient's eye is the goal of the gift. The iPod will do that, and the Zune won't," Enderle said.

It may be too soon to bury the Zune, but the patient is barely breathing."

Veja a matéria completa na NBC

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